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Easter opening times

Added 27.03.2024

The stationary shop will be closed from Friday 29.03 to the post-Easter Tuesday 4.04.

Zmiana adresu sklepu!

Added 04.12.2023

Od początku grudnia otwieramy nowy rozdział w historii firmy Winnica&Wino i zmieniamy siedzibę sklepu oraz firmy. Ale spokojnie! Zostajemy w Krakowie.



New products from Nobile

Added 30.08.2022

With the new season, we are offering the opportunity to order new Nobile products to meet our increasingly demanding customers.


Looking for help with vinification?

Added 01.08.2022

Complete the table below with your grape varieties, your planned harvest by weight or litre and the type of wine you intend to produce.

Ikonki laffort

New markings for Laffort products

Added 24.02.2022

With the new year comes new changes and improvements!  Laffort has introduced new designations to make it easier to select products for different vineyards and purposes.
These are small icons next to products with different designations, which you will find in the product cards.

Oprogramowanie sklepu internetowego Sellingo.pl